Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I miss my baby sister. Actually, let me just be a bit weepy and say that I miss both of my little sisters. Darcy lives in Milwaukee and is on the verge of popping out her very 1st munchkin and Jan just left for Las Vegas. Here's a few pics of Jan, Corey and Carter (and Dierks) when they packed up to drive across the country.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Clicked My Heels 3 Times...

This past month has been a crazy ride. Our closing was delayed for over 3 weeks due to the sellers' short sale on the house and property(25 acres to boot - yay for Jim ;). Their bank has been dragging their feet for 2 months! I've been spending a whopping 3.5 hours a day in the car driving the kids to their new school everyday; Bailee started 4th grade, basketball and drum lessons, Nolan started 1st grade and is adjusting to new therapists and a new aide and Fletcher started preschool (sniff, sniff). I should be opening my business (finally!) in a week or so after I get internet service. We officially sign the papers SUNDAY! Whoo Hoo!
P.S. I'll blog about the historical significance of our new abode when I get a chance (It's especially cool for me since I'm a history grad). The pic above is the great room.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Going Home

I can't believe it. My husband received a promotion and we're moving back home!!!! I'm tickled pink, but it's all going so fast it's making my head spin. We already bought a new home in Pennsylvania and just put our house in Indiana on the market. CRAZY!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Cracked Myself Up (and my crockpot)

I'm a bit on the dramatic side. So when my dear soap-making crockpot succumbed to old age, (and was subjected to more soaping than it could handle) I decided to write a loving poem in memory of my crockpot.

Ode To A Crockpot

Passed down to Jim from his dear old Gram

You were once used to cook pot roast and ham

As most single guys do; he oft ran about

Jim never once used you and always ate out

Packed in a box and moved state to state

A decade went by, when we met it was fate

I had an idea to make goodies for your skin

I looked in the closet in a box you were in

I hollered and shouted, "Jim come and look it!"

"I'll make hot process soap. Simply just cook it!"

A million bars later and thousands of hours

You're cracking and peeling and losing your power

Time to retire you and make a new start

Even in crockpot heaven you'll be close to my heart

Friday, May 8, 2009

Brand Spankin' New Vegan Soaps GIVEAWAY

Green Tea Exfoliating Artisan Soap with Tea Leaves & Organic Ameranth Grains

Sunflower Artisan Soap with Calendula Petals

I made 2 new soaps last week and I'm in LOVE with both of them. Both are Vegan Happy and made with organic oils and shea butter. They are fabulous for your skin!!! Enter to win both of them. Just post any comment for a chance to win. Follow my blog and get 2 extra entries. Drawing will be held Tuesday, June 9th! If you'd like to find out more info or order them, please visit my shop http://mountainmamachic.etsy.com THANKS!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ayayaya FIESTA!!!

So, I've been out of town for the last few weeks exposing my children to the all American family road trip - HA! On the trip back I got a speeding ticket, Nolan lost his first tooth, the dvd player broke and one of the kids threw up. It's pretty funny now that I'm out of that darn car (all together we drove over 20 hours). Anyways, Bailee turned 9 on 4/6 so we made her birthday a birthweek and celebrated over and over again. On Friday, we had a fiesta birthday party at my Mom's - music, pinata, food and all.
These pictures crack me up. When I was leaving the grocery store I saw fake mustaches in a 50 cent machine so I just HAD to have them to go with the colorful sombreros. What do you think? ;)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Those Tootsies Sandal Ready!!!

NEW GIVEAWAY! Barefootin' Healing Giftset for Feet http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21965958
This giftset contains: 1 Pumice Foot Brush, 1 Barefootin' Loofah Soap and 1 Barefootin' Balm
The balm, especially, is absolutely AMAZING and just the thing to get your feet beach beautiful! Just leave a what makes you happy about Spring comment for an entry (Can you tell I've got Spring Fever???). Make a purchase from my shop http://mountainmamachic.etsy.com and get 3 extra entries. Random drawing will be held April 28th. Good Luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fey Handmade - Handmade QUALITY

I am thrilled to be a part of Fey Handmade! You've got to drop by - feyhandmade.com and browse their handcrafted jackets, sweaters, bedding, etc. Not to mention their bath and body products (MINE - Whoo hoo!) Christine, founder of Fey Handmade, will be opening a brick and mortar counterpart to the online venture in Asbury Park, NJ in late spring.

These few sentences, found on the website, tell you a little about the company: Fey Handmade believes in promoting individual artists and craftsmen while providing our customers a way to find quality products that are not mass-produced. We bring our customers discoveries that reflect the quality of handmade. We are very environmentally active and only pack and ship our products in earth-friendly, recycled packaging.
Mass manufacturing causes much pollution in our precious environment. Goods made by an individual or small company can be closely monitored to avoid waste, as well as ensure quality. This quality has been cherished for generations. We at Fey hope that people begin to find the beauty and affordability of handmade once again.

Hooray for Handmade!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

County Quest

Yesterday, my sister and I drove all over the county, exploring back roads and looking for the perfect barn.

I made some new neckwarmers and January, my baby sister, modeled for me. Check out these pictures! I'm thrilled that the perfect barn DOES exist.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lip Balm Giveaway!

We all can use a bit of moisture at this time of the year so I'm giving away a 4 pack of Organic Lip Conditioners! Just visit my shop http://mountainmamachic.etsy.com/ and see what's your favorite yummy lip balm. Leave a comment letting me know and you'll be entered to win. Follow my blog and you'll get an extra entry. Good luck! The drawing will be held March 20th.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Etsy's Beauty Oscars

"You really really like me" (that's from Sally Field if you're not an oscar junkie like me) You're too kind, too kind. I'd like to thank all those that made this possible. Yadda Yadda.......Well, maybe not quite the oscars, but it does feel wonderful when someone recognizes your work. :)My Carrotcake and Amber Cream Kaleidoscope soap was nominated in ETSY's BEST BEAUTY BETS. If you have a spare moment, please vote for my yummy soap!

Monday, February 23, 2009


My children never cease to amaze me (and frustrate me and make me laugh and bewilder me, etc.). I know they have more things than a lot of us did growing up, but isn't that one of the benefits of working hard? BUT, no matter how many techy toys and hand held games they have, give 'em a box, scissors, (my 8 year old daughter was the ring leader) some yarn and leave them alone for a while and see what they come up with. I swear they had more fun and actually worked together instead of fighting over some ds game...at least until tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Giveaway and Shop Sale!

My new giveaway is for 1 Goats Milk Soap Made with Organic Oils and Shea Butter on a Soap Deck. You get to choose your scent and it comes wrapped with a cute striped unisex ribbon. This makes a great office or teacher gift or a little pampering gift for yourself! All you have to do is visit my shop and find the listing for this soap set (hint: it's in the giftsets section) and leave a comment on your favorite fragrance from the choices given in the listing. http://mountainmamachic.etsy.com/

I have a 10% off sale going on until March 1st so my drawing will also be held on March 1st. Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And the winner is....

Hollyzhobby is the giveaway winner!!! Yay! I will post another giveaway in a day or two so check back. In the meantime, what do you all think about shipping? I think it's a racket. I tried the usps flat rate envelope a few times and it looked like someone's dog ate half of it. Since I've opened my etsy shop, I have always charged for flat rate shipping. After the holidays I debated on changing it, but for the sake of continuity and a major incentive for purchasing more yummy soaps, I kept it the same. Anything over 3.95 I pick up the tab. Today I'm on the etsy forums and asked for a critique and the only thing the critiquer could find wrong was my shipping policy. I mean, it could be a bummer for some who might only want a lip balm, but ever the clearance rack hound, the more lip balms you buy, the better the deal. And how about the giftsets? Reasonable, right? It's funny that I put myself out there (definitely my decision) to be critiqued and now I'm questioning everything. In the last few hours, I've changed lip balms, solid perfumes and earrings shipping. Check it out and get back with me. I'd like to know what other consumers think. Oh, and BONUS, I have a 10% off sale going on in my shop until 3/1.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Surprise for James

While my husband is away on a goose hunt in Arkansas (yes, I said, "goose hunt" and yes, people hunt those things) I've decided to surprise him (and indulge myself) by redecorating the focal wall behind our bed. I ordered vinyl wall ruboffs and stickers from http://visionsinvinyl.etsy.com/ . I couldn't be happier how it turned out!!! My husbands a big sap so I'm thinking he might even tear up. I guess I'll find out when he comes home tonight. Seriously, this shop has awesome prices and chic custom made decor. Check them out!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Giveaways and Thoughts

It's weird. Now that I created this blog I find myself wondering what the heck I'm going to write far more than I'd like. I think of all sorts of things throught out the day. Like what pictures I could post, what my nutty 2 year old had to say today (it's a doozy), new ideas for products, etc. The list goes on.

I would like to promote my shop in some fashion so let's start by having a giveaway. How about my listing for 3 Heart Soaps (1 Sandalwood, 1 Honeysuckle and 1 Cherry Blossom) ? The set comes wrapped in a cute reuseable fabric bag. I will "draw" (random number generator) for the lucky winner on Tuesday, February 17. All you have to do is leave a comment . Any comment will do. Good Luck! Contact info like an email would probably be useful just in case you win. (Odds are lookin' pretty good for you right now) wink

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well, I did it...I finally created a blog. Now what?

I guess I need to hit the save button before I post? That's a newbie for you. (just lost what I thought I just posted) What???!!!??

So it seems that everyone and their mother has a blog. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I'm really clueless on how this works and really, let's be honest: Isn't it a bit egocentric? Is anybody gonna care what I write or want to "follow" me? I looked up Twitter and I just don't get it. I started a Facebook page a few weeks ago (look out cyberspace!), but my motivation was to promote my class reunion this summer. I have to say I'm pleased with Facebook. OK, that's a bit understated...I freakin' love reconnecting with old friends and people I haven't thought about in years. It makes me smile. So, here I am blogging. I read somewhere that blogging is like a diary and I thought "I've kept a journal for years so what the hay".
If anyone out there is reading this.....THANKS!!!!!