Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Those Tootsies Sandal Ready!!!

NEW GIVEAWAY! Barefootin' Healing Giftset for Feet
This giftset contains: 1 Pumice Foot Brush, 1 Barefootin' Loofah Soap and 1 Barefootin' Balm
The balm, especially, is absolutely AMAZING and just the thing to get your feet beach beautiful! Just leave a what makes you happy about Spring comment for an entry (Can you tell I've got Spring Fever???). Make a purchase from my shop and get 3 extra entries. Random drawing will be held April 28th. Good Luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fey Handmade - Handmade QUALITY

I am thrilled to be a part of Fey Handmade! You've got to drop by - and browse their handcrafted jackets, sweaters, bedding, etc. Not to mention their bath and body products (MINE - Whoo hoo!) Christine, founder of Fey Handmade, will be opening a brick and mortar counterpart to the online venture in Asbury Park, NJ in late spring.

These few sentences, found on the website, tell you a little about the company: Fey Handmade believes in promoting individual artists and craftsmen while providing our customers a way to find quality products that are not mass-produced. We bring our customers discoveries that reflect the quality of handmade. We are very environmentally active and only pack and ship our products in earth-friendly, recycled packaging.
Mass manufacturing causes much pollution in our precious environment. Goods made by an individual or small company can be closely monitored to avoid waste, as well as ensure quality. This quality has been cherished for generations. We at Fey hope that people begin to find the beauty and affordability of handmade once again.

Hooray for Handmade!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

County Quest

Yesterday, my sister and I drove all over the county, exploring back roads and looking for the perfect barn.

I made some new neckwarmers and January, my baby sister, modeled for me. Check out these pictures! I'm thrilled that the perfect barn DOES exist.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lip Balm Giveaway!

We all can use a bit of moisture at this time of the year so I'm giving away a 4 pack of Organic Lip Conditioners! Just visit my shop and see what's your favorite yummy lip balm. Leave a comment letting me know and you'll be entered to win. Follow my blog and you'll get an extra entry. Good luck! The drawing will be held March 20th.